• “I was introduced to Alexandra in Europe some time ago. Based on her work with me, I have changed my entire life, and have since been living a completely fulfilling existence. She helped me extricate myself from a bad marriage, predicted the right new partner, evaluated my business associates and guided me to correct business decisions. She inspired me to a second career, and am now also a successful writer. I plan to continue consulting her for the rest of my life.”

    Jerald E.
    International Financier/Author

  • I was trying to end a fatal attraction, and the effort shut me down on all levels. It was difficult to breath. Alexandra cut through the shadowy vaporous things that seemed to be surrounding me, and gave me a Technique to do that brought me out of my intense depression, which I thought was likely to end my life. I cannot even begin to say how much she helped me or what it meant to me.

    Lauren B.

  • Alexandra has been guiding me through my most important life decisions for the past ten years. She has a unique and exceptional insight into decision making, and has provided me with honest, unbiased feedback. Alexandra has helped me hone my strengths and gifts, and also given me the confidence to trust my intuition. I can honestly say that the time that I have spent with her has positively transformed my life for the best. I have unconditional trust for Alexandra, as she has guided me through my most difficult times, as well as helped me celebrate my successes.

    Ann B
    Fashion Retail Business Owner
    New York

  • “Alexandra has helped me understand how I have been limiting myself all my life. Since 2002, she has been coaching me to change my way of thinking and set my expectations higher. The Technique that Alexandra gave me helped me tremendously to overcome my fears and anxieties over my work and personal relationships. It is simple yet powerfully effective. The support she has given me has allowed me to achieve far more than I thought possible. My life is all the richer for having Alexandra as a life coach.”

    Jean M.
    Financial Controller
    Wealth Management Industry

  • “Alexandra has been a stabilizing source for me over many years. She goes right to the core of a situation, and offers a way of seeing filled with connections and wisdom, and you know it is true by the resonance you feel within yourself as she speaks…as though light years of information are being connected for you. She offers sound advice and practical steps you can take that actually work, including her Energy Transformation Technique which astonishingly can transform painful emotions and change situations. I heartily recommend her for anyone: desiring to achieve their goals, seeking reliable advice, or to know future possibilities.”

    Mary Jane K.
    New York

  • Thank you so very very much. You are simply amazing!!
    Thank you again.

    MaryJane A
    Business Administrator

  • I just wanted to thank you for our last meeting in New York. Today, back in Buenos Aires, for the past weeks I felt very energetic and also am very active in my work. I think the work you did in unblocking me, regarding the emotional traumatic incident in my youth, has begun to work. Thank you.

    Ronaldo A.
    Estania Owner
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Alexandra has a wonderful consistent ability – many tines proven in my case – to perceive a situation with profound insight into its essential nature and guide me toward its most desirable development. I regard her advice highly and refer to it frequently. She has honed her natural gifts into extraordinary tools of wisdom which it is a privilege to access.

    Janet E
    New York

  • I’ve been seeing Alexandra for the past 5 years. She is my “go to” for both my personal and business life. Her work is not just a job, but a passion. Alexandra has a true gift for being spot on. I trust her intuition and judgement.

    Sarah Mills
    Hair Salon Owner
    New York

  • I am very grateful to have met Alexandra in Japan nearly 15 years ago. Since that time she has successfully guided me through many challenging events. I am particularly grateful to her for guiding me towards healthy, productive relationships and steering me away from the toxic ones. I’ve told her privately, and now do so publicly, that she has been much more helpful to me than a “shrink”.

    Jim C.
    New York/Italy

  • I have been working with Alexandra close to a decade. A testament to the accuracy, connection and wisdom of a spiritual intuitive is the strength of your relationship.

    Alexandra’s mixture of insight, understanding of human behavior and directness is a rare gift. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Alexandra is an important element in my progressing through life’s every changing circumstances. Thanks so much Alexandra!

    Nikki G
    New York/Aspen

  • I just wanted to say thank you and to tell you how unbelievable I felt after our last meeting. I had a sense of calm I haven’t felt in a very long time or if ever.

    Susan S
    New York

  • I have been seeing Alexandra for two years and she’s made a difference in my energy levels and confidence. When I met her, I was recovering from a health issue, a contested divorce and fear of the future. Alexandra’s gift to me has been to help me trust myself and the Universe more; to learn to let go of the past and move forward with less fear. She is amazing at healing blocks in both mine and my children’s lives. When she shifts energy, you feel it in your body and see the results in your life. I recommend her without reservation.

    Lisa N.
    New York

  • Wow, you are good!!! Priceless, not just psychic, funny, inspiring, genius!!

    Scott F.
    New York

  • I want you to know our Sessions are very important for me with regard to my concerns and my perspective on a number of fronts. It’s so important to “keep the faith” and to navigate through life with as much grace, courage and conviction as possible. Thanks for helping me to stay strong and centered.

    Marilyn B
    Landscape Architect
    New York

  • “I started working with Alexandra 2 years ago.  I reached out to her during a major career transition. I was facing hurdles and needed her insight. Alexandra is gifted at providing outlook but more importantly she suggests techniques to get to the desired result.  She digs deeply into the circumstances and give a 360 view.  But the best thing is that she suggests techniques such as her Visualization and others to affect and modify circumstances.  I have successfully use her Energy Transformation Visualization Technique and it has had immediate and lasting effect on me by eradicating negative situations.

    She is so effective I have recommended her to many of my friends and implored them to contact her for help through their tough situations. Alexandra does not simply provide insight during transitions, such as a new job and the termination of a marriage, she goes further and even suggests new avenues to explore- ones that can lead to creative, emotional and financial growth. She also sees a persons personal power and gifts and encourages them to tap into this power.

    She is emphatic about not letting a persons gift go unexplored. Her enthusiasm is encouraging and engaging. I’ve relied heavily on her during the termination of my marriage. Having her input has given me invaluable strategies to navigate the emotional and business side of this situation. Alexandra is definitely a person that you would want on your advisory during any of one of life’s major transitions.  I highly recommend her.”

    Juliana B
    Advertising Executive
    New York

  • “Alexandra has been a powerful influence on my life and a tremendous agent of change. Her wisdom and deep knowledge of the human spirit, as well as the intricate nuances of how the universe works have shaped the way I approach challenges and opportunities. She is able to hone in on the big picture and help her clients understand the interconnectivity between the choices we make, the obstacles that may be presented and the solutions that we have available to us. She is able to connect the dots and bring understanding to a situation at all levels.”

    Jennifer B.
    President of National Company

  • “I was introduced to Alexandra five years ago by a friend for whom I had done a favor and, in truth, the favor was done to me by allowing me this connection. Alexandra’s advice has been accurate and has allowed me to gain insight into myself and my true purpose. My sessions have given me great personal awareness and her readings have helped me through very difficult periods. Alexandra is a great soul!”

    Brenda M.

  • “I first met Alexandra after the most painful period of my life. She was immediately able to hone in on the energetic blocks that I still carried from the trauma and to identify related events from previous lifetimes that added to my difficulty in releasing them. Alexandra suggested simple healing modalities, including her Energy Transformation Technique, that successfully cleared the blocks. I felt tons lighter. Subsequent visits focused on creating the life that I truly want.”

    “Today I am a corporate executive who has just written her first book, a lifetime dream. I don’t yet know where this may take me. I have met a man that I feel very strongly about. My day life has more joy and is dedicated towards living my ideal. My night life is filled with inspirational dreams and messages that are guiding me. I feel that Alexandra is directly responsible for one of the biggest shifts in my life and will be forever grateful to her.”

    Justine M.
    Corporate Executive
    Private Banking
    New York

  • “Words cannot express the beauty grace and intellect of Alexandra. Her knowledge and insight is spot on.  The piece of mind she offers me is priceless and most importantly comforting. I only speak the truth.”

    Lesli S.
    Personal Stylist

  • “In the short time that I’ve worked with Alexandra, my life has changed for the better. Her guidance and insight have helped me take my life and my business to levels that I was, unconsciously, afraid to attempt. She made me see that I was holding myself back. Now, I charge ahead and have been creating and enjoying more success than ever before. Thank you, Alexandra.”

    Richard L.
    Executive Fitness Coach Owner
    New York

  • Alexandra and I were introduced by mutual friend. She is a friend with a true gift with a generous heart. I’m beyond thankful to her to have her in my life she has helped me and countless others achieve their true potential. She has helped clear energy blockages and guide me toward living from it centered space. Alexandra is a gift. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being in my life.

    Jewel R.
    Real Estate Agent
    New York

  • “Alexandra’s direct and sensitive approach to her work leads, every time, to helpful insights and practical advice of the first order. Her multi-layered talents and intuition bring peace and confidence as natural consequences of her amazing connections.”

    Morgan L.
    International Musician – Conductor/Composer

  • “ I have sought advice from many gifted individuals in my life, but none of them can compare to Alexandra. The greatest of her gifts is her pure integrity and open honesty. We all have emotional crutches that need to be thrown away, especially me. Alexandra solved the riddle of my life by investigating my past lives. Therein were the answers which have changed my life completely. She also gave me her Energy Transformation Technique which helped rid me of my emotional crutches. She will help change your life for the better if you let her.”

    Michael N.
    New York

  • “Alexandra has the gift of bringing the spiritual, the unknown, into the material. She has helped me over the years, specifically in the area of career and relationships, with an innately profound ability to help me see what is not clearly seen. These indicators have allowed me to avoid the pitfalls of suffering that is so prevalent around us. My life is a better place with Alexandra’s insight and guidance.”

    James I.
    Financial Consultant

  • “I met Alexandra many years ago through a dear friend. I live very confidently today because of her. She sorted out my friends, helping me to see who was not a true friend. She reconnected me to my spiritual roots; the importance of which I had forgotten. She foresaw my divorce, and the behavior of individuals involved in the situation and advised me what steps to take for my protection and benefit. I also used her Energy Transformation Technique and was amazed at the relatively quick relief I felt from a mild depression, and how it favorably changed others actions towards me. She is a source of strength, knowledge, and inspiration. I value her as an individual and as a strategist.”

    Baroness Katherina

  • “I have been working with Alexandra since 1993. She has helped me to change my life, my relationships, and my business, for the better in countless ways. More than that, I’ve regained my soul. What I mean by that is, I feel that I now am living in a way that is true to my real purpose. I have learned from Alexandra that the real purpose of life is to meet my challenges head on, get over the hurdles with integrity and dignity. This is how we grow. This is how we become who we are truly meant to be.”

    When I first called Alexandra, I was living in constant emotional fear and in an unrewarding marriage, but too fearful to be alone and take a risk. I wanted what I thought was security first. I had pushed down the fact that I had often been physically beaten by my mother and resented my father for not stopping in. Even though I had been through years of psychotherapy about all of this, Alexandra tapped into these situations from completely different viewpoints. She helped me to finally “see” what had happened and how it was shaping my life. No one has ever been able to help me so much and cut through so much of the confusion, in such a short period of time. Furthermore, it worked!”

    Tracy M.
    Interior Designer

  • “I have been a client of Alexandra’s for over ten years and have found that, thanks to her guidance, I have moved through events as experience. Alexandra teaches that intuition is to be listened to and trusted. Her ability to grasp the unknown is remarkable. She has guided me through the negative as well as the positive and has revealed to me the unseen possibilities in life. I owe her a debt of gratitude because, thanks to her, I believe my life is on a fuller, more joyful path.”

    Elizabeth K
    Art Dealer
    New York

  •  Miraculous Outcomes  –  Alexandra’s work has been nothing less than miraculous. I’ve worked with Alexandra over many years and have leveraged her work for business issues and personal financial issues and career.  Over the years she has also helped me with relationships and children.  Recently, I was interviewing for a big job that  would change my career. I was on my 3rd interview and I wanted this job.  I reached out to Alexandra to work with me to see if there was anything blocking me from getting this job  and if they’d compensate me fairly.  Not only did I get the job, they created a position for me and gave me the compensation I asked for and more.  My personal outcomes from the work I’ve done with Alexandra have been nothing less than miraculous, and the resi;ts are always in my best interest.  I’ve learned to trust her guidance, have patience and let her work takeover.  

    Aleson A 
    Contact Brand Integration 
    New York

  • I was first introduced to Alexandra by a client who knew I would need it to make a major strategic decision with my business. I left our session feeling confident about the best way to move forward. The past seven years, I have entrusted her to help me turn business into an abundant reality! 

    Alexandra has played such an important role when uncertainty with prevalent in my business and personal life; I call her my spiritual advisor but she is so much more…a true angel!

    Roxana M.
    Business Owner and Financial Coach
    New York

  • I met Alexandra thru a mutual friend, since the day we started speaking it has changed my life. I’ve always been a very anxious person about many things! And expressing this to Alexandra she help me change that. I’ve becoming more confident person that I’ve ever been, and my anxiousness has subsided. She has provided me with many tools to use, and her insight is exceptional. I am beyond grateful for the changes she is consistently helping me with. She has an amazing way with words and the work she does is truly priceless.

    Michelle L.
    Fashion Consultant
    New York

  • I have been a client of Alexandra’s for a year now, and I am so grateful for her invaluable guidance during challenging periods in my personal and professional life.   What immediately struck me during our initial conversation was Alexandra’s empathy and sensitivity: it’s so clear that she cares about people and recognizes how various factors can impact our emotional and mental wellbeing.  My calls with Alexandra are always affirming and accurate, and I appreciate how she really takes the time to explain everything.  She has helped me, on multiple occasions free myself from anxiety and negative thoughts that were hindering my progress.  I am so grateful for Alexandra and  I cannot recommend her services enough. 

    Mary-Lynn J
    New York

  • “Working with Alexandra was eye opening to say the least, if not completely mind-opening.  I have never connected with anyone that is more in tune and connected to the energy in the world than Alexandra.  She solved some very puzzling energetic entanglements for me, and gave me clarity on many of the questions I had.  After our first conversation the energetic negativity between myself and the person in question went away completely, and Alexandra also explained a lot about the reason behind the negativity.  It was amazing and wonderful to have the support she offered.  There is another dimension of our energetic reality, and Alexandra can interpret that in a very helpful way.  In addition Alexandra is a wonderful person – I had a very strong sense of calm during and after our calls.  Thank you Alexandra, you have opened my mind.”

    Kristina B.
    Business Owner/Writer
    New York

  • A close friend connected me to Alexandra and I feel so grateful and lucky that she did! I had just come out from an extremely damaging relationship and I needed help to navigate the exit and healing process. For months later I have made incredible progress! Prior to working with Alexandra I couldn’t sleep, my hand shook,  I felt physically sick and constantly had a racing heart and ache in my stomach. Alexandra was able to provide me the tools and the Energy Clearing so that all these either have gone away completely or are at a minimum and getting better every day. I am surprised and grateful every day how I have managed to move through this heartbreak and positively move forward with my life.

    However, that is not all! In addition to supporting me through the break up, she has also kept me on track on my destiny and what is meant for me which has helped me stay true to me (with so many opposing views and distractions on the outside). I have complete trust in Alexandra and I know she truly cares about me and what I’m trying to achieve in my life. She regularly checks in with me and is always there to help when I get a bit “shaky”! I recommend Alexandra to everyone and from my experience if you are struggling with a break up, or wanting to call in the one, she is the best person you can have by your side. If career business is where you need guidance I have found Alexandra to be incredibly helpful in these areas too as I expand my business internationally. I cannot recommend her enough I cannot see a time in my life where I won’t be doing work with Alexandra on something!

    Megan R.
    Entrepreneur/Global Founder & CEO
    New York

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